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Implementing INFFER (Investment Framework for Environmental Resources) in North-western China

Overview of Project

Following on report written for the Victorian Government by Scott Barnett & Associates on Opportunities for Chinese Investors in the Victorian Dairy Industry, SBA and Carlisle Partners identified the need for Australian producers to integrate into the Chinese value add stream that Chinese investors are able to provide. The goal is to align undercapitalised Australian agricultural producers and processors with Chinese co-investors who are able to also provide distribution channels and/or end markets in China. The project`s aim to to deliver high margin markets for Australian agricultural producers and processors while providing Chinese market with farm to plate traceability product that meet the 3 S criteria (Safety, Security, Status).

Key outcomes of project

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Project Dates

01 Feb 2014 - 03 Feb 2014

Australian organisation(s) involved

Chinese organisation(s) involved

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For more information please contact the Australia China Business Council (NSW).