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Use of entomopathogenic nematodes in China to control chive midges

Overview of Project

Pests such as rice stem borers (Scirpophaga spp. and Chilo spp.) and chive midges (Bradysia spp.) threaten important crops in China. This project aims to use nematodes to control rice stem borers and chive midges as a commercial alternative to chemical insecticides.

Key Outcomes of Project

The research will build on work where nematodes were successfully used to control apple moths and street tree borers in northern China. The scientists will select strains of the nematode, Steinernema feltiae and search for other species that are capable of attacking these pests. They will then conduct field trials on rice and chives in China and Australia.

Project Dates

01 Jul 2000 - 30 Jun 2001


CSIRO Entomology - AustraliaChinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences - Biological Control Institute - China
Zhongshan University - State Key Lab for Biocontrol and Institute of Entomolgy - China


Dr Robin Bedding



02 6 246 4292

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