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Tropical Rock Lobster Hatchery Project

Overview of Project

For more than a decade through its Rock Lobster Enhancement and Aquaculture Subprogram, the Fisheries Research and Development Corporation (FRDC) has provided leadership and investment to support co-investments by private and other government agencies that are involved with R&D into rocklobster fisheries, biology and culture. This has included scientists in Tasmania, Western Australia and Queensland working on the four rocklobster species that are commercially fished (Eastern Jasus verreauxi, Southern J. edwardsii, Western Panulirus cygnus and Tropical P. ornatus).

A custom-built water management system at NFC has been developed to ensure that the estuarine inlet water is treated to produce oceanic quality water. A battery of filters, ozone steriliser, UV treatments and other components are used to provide water of the highest quality.

Summer conditions are ‘manufactured’ for the wild caught broodstock, usually five females to one male. Clive says that they are able to spawn year round by mimicking the water temperatures and photoperiods. “After some multiple spawnings we sell the broodstock and get in a new batch. In time we will develop our own selective breeding program using hatchery progeny.

Project Dates

01 Jan 2014 - On Going

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