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Sustainable development of grasslands in western China: policies, regulatory and market settings

Overview of Project

Within the project broader ACIAR Project AS2/2001/094 ""Sustainable development of grasslands in western China"", the CAEG is a collaborating institution responsible for the sub-project on policies, regulatory and market settings. More specifically, the sub-project aims to:

  • Identify, describe and categorise policies at Central level
  • Identify, describe and categorise policies at provincial level and below
  • Undertake a normative and institutional analysis of selected key policies and strategies (including the Grassland Law and related by-laws, specialisation and vertical integration).
  • Investigate the relationships between policies and their suitability to particular regions or systems, and make recommendations regarding future policies
Project Dates

01 Jan 2005 - 01 Jul 2005


Prof Ke Bingsheng and Zhao Yutian
Research Centre for Rural
Chinese Ministry of Agriculture
Nan Zhibiao
Lanzhou University
Wu Jianping
Gansu Agricultural University
Han Guodong
Inner Mongolia Agricultural University

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