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Supply Chain and Economics in Melons in China and Australia

Overview of Project

To use supply chain assessment and cost benefit analysis of potential innovations as drivers of technological adoption in entrepreneurial decision making at the farm level in melon production and marketing.

Key Outcomes of Project
  • Understanding the existing typical supply chains of melon production and distribution, including the precise nature of transport conditions, problems arising and personnel/agents involved in long distance haulage during representative journeys
  • Strategic analysis of business/power relationships between chain members in selected melon supply chains
  • Identification of the cost benefits of preharvest disease control and the use of postharvest technologies
  • Identification of the major factors affecting the adoption of the postharvest technology for melons, including risks, extension issues and supply chain member relationships
  • Appropriate training activities and materials for suitable supply chain members and extension officers to ensure on-going uptake of the project outcomes
  • Case study material (e.g. supply chain dynamics and consumer views on melon quality) that can be used for policy development
  • Improved supply chain management by the key stakeholders in the pilot supply chains
Project Dates

01 Jan 2014 - On Going


Australian Centre for International Agricultural Research Sub-Project 3 of Project PHT/1998/140: Postharvest Handling and Disease Control in Melons in China and Australia

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