of China Australia Food Security Cooperation Initiative (CAFSCI)

Feeding the Future – Australian & Chinese Governments

Dr Emerson, Minister for Trade and Competitiveness and Minister Assisting the Prime Minister on the Asian Century, launched Feeding the Future – A Joint Australia-China Report on Strengthening Investment and Technological Cooperation in Agriculture to Enhance Food Security on 20 December 2012.

The report provides a blueprint to raise rural productivity and increase Australia's role in supplying global food markets. The report outlines practical ways to strengthen investment and technological cooperation in agriculture between Australia and China.

Demystifying Chinese Investement

This report provides the facts on the current scale and composition of Chinese large-scale commercial investment into Australian agribusiness.

Despite perceptions that Chinese investors are buying up large areas of Australian farmland, new research has found that China is not yet a major agricultural investor in Australia, and in fact, may own less than 1 percent of Australian farmland.

Greener Pastures - Global Soft Commodity

The purpose of the report is to quantify the size of the opportunity open to Australia and New Zealand agriculture as a result of the shift in global economic growth to Asia and to other emerging economies, and the increasing demand for protein by a growing global middle class. It also seeks to explore possible policy responses in Australia and in New Zealand to fully capture the opportunity.

Opportunities for China and Australia in Food Security

Food security is an important driver of market activity and a source for lucrative opportunity in the Australian agribusiness and food industry. We examine the exciting opportunities for improved trade and investment flows in the food sector between Australia and China

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