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Potential Benefits of Establishing a Neem Industry in China

Overview of Project

This project aims to evaluate the important factors affecting the establishment of a neem industry in China and to develop a blueprint for a neem industry that could be adopted by the central and local governments. The potential benefits of neem trees as a source of pesticides, for environmental protection, and to provide income for populations in rural and remote areas will be studied. The establishment of neem plantations and processing of neem products in China will also be analyzed.

Key Outcomes of Project

Xin Tinghui, “ Harness Soil Erosion and Develop biopesticides: a survey report on plantation and development of neem ”. SAFEA, Beijing ( in Chinese ) Malcolm Wegener, “ Economics of Bio-Pesticides production: Report on Potential Neem Production Areas in Hainan, Guangdong and Yunnan, China ( 10 – 31 May 2000 ) The University of Queensland, 44pp.

Project Dates

01 Jul 2000 - 01 Jun 2003


The University of Queensland