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Mechanisation of sugarcane production in south Guangdong Province

Overview of Project

The project is investigating the potential to mechanise some or all of the field operations in the production of sugarcane. Sugarcane is an important industrial crop in south China, grown mainly in the provinces of Guangdong, Guangxi, Yunnan, and Fujian. State farms are important cane producers. With the introduction of the household responsibility system, individual farm families were allocated land (average area 1.6 hectares) on which to grow cane. Because of the economic problems flowing from low sugar prices resulting in shortages of labour and interest in growing more profitable crops, the managers of some state farm companies believe the solution to their problems lie in mechanisation of canegrowing and harvesting operations. This study is designed to evaluate the economic attractiveness of mechanised cane production in south China.

Key Outcomes of Project

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Wegener, M.K., Ou, Y., and …….2001, “Experience with evaluating mechanised sugarcane production in Zhangjiang, China"" paper for ISSCT conference, Brisbane, 2001 (in preparation).

Project Dates

01 Sep 1998 - 01 Dec 2000


The University of Queensland
South China Agricultural University