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Integrated crop and dairy systems in Tibet Autonomous Region: an economic evaluation of household livelihoods

Overview of Project

Within the broader ACIAR Project LPS/2006/119 ""Integrated crop and dairy systems in Tibet Autonomous Region"", this sub-project aims to evaluate the impact of on-farm cereal, fodder and dairy cattle nutrition options on household livelihoods. More specifically, analysis will:

  • Develop representative whole farm household models for systems under investigation
  • Collate information from surveys, interviews, project research and other sources for use in household models
  • Analyse impact of crop, feed and livestock options on household costs and returns (including opportunity costs and imputed returns), labour and land use, and other livelihood indicators
  • Assess household impacts against household objectives and constraints to adoption
Key Outcomes of Project

Brown, C. G., & Waldron, S., A. (2013). Agrarian change, agricultural modernization and the modelling of agricultural households in Tibet. Agricultural Systems, 115, 83-94. doi: Brown, C.G. and Waldron, S.A. 2012. CAEGTibet Manual. CAEG Working Paper 01/12, China Agricultural Economics Group, The University of Queensland, Brisbane Brown, C. G., & Waldron, S. A. (2013). Agricultural specialisation and rural development in Tibet. Paper presented at the XI ECARDC (European Conference on Agricultural and Rural Development in China), Wuerzberg. Heath, T., Tao, J., Brown, C. G., Waldron, S. A., Wlikins, J., Piltz, J., Cummins, J., Rose, C., Coventry, D. and McNeill, A. (2012). Integrated agronomic and economic analysis of fodder options for Tibetan farming systems. Paper presented at the 16th Australian Agronomy Conference ""Capturing Opportunities and Overcoming Obstacles in Australian Agronomy"", Armidale. Brown, C. and S. Waldron, Role of agriculture in the livelihoods of farm households in Tibet, in 55th Annual Australian Agricultural and Resource Economics Society Conference 2011: Melbourne.

Project Dates

01 Jan 2008 - 01 Jan 2013


Tibet Academy of Agricultural and Animal Science (TAAS)
Dr Nyima Tashi - Vice President of TAAS
Jin Tao - TAAS Tibet Agricultural Research Institute
Prof Se Zhu and Dr Tsamyu TAAS Tibet Livestock Research Institute

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