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Improving farmer livelihoods through efficient use of resources in crop-livestock farming systems in western China: an analysis of institutional and policy settings

Overview of Project

Within the broader ACIAR Project LWR/2007/191, ""Improving farmer livelihoods through efficient use of resources in crop-livestock farming systems in western China"", this sub-project aims to identify and analyse institutional and policy settings relevant to crop-livestock systems in Qingyang City in Gansu Province. The rationale for the sub-project is that the broader project will have greater impact, and farmers will realise greater benefits, if project research is aligned with local institutional priorities and policies. In addition to better targeting of project research, the potential for research findings to influence policy makers, and for policy needs to influence science communication, will be explored. The components of the sub-project are

  • Identification and analysis of institutional settings
  • Identification and analysis of policy settings
  • Develop linkages between science and policy
Key Outcomes of Project

Brown, C.G., Waldron S.A., Liu, Y.M. and Longworth, J.W. (2009) Forage-livestock policies designed to improve livelihoods in Western China: a critical review. China Agricultural Economic Review, Vol. 1, Issue 4, 367-381 Komarek, A., Waldron, S., & Brown, C. (2012). An exploration of livestock development policies in western China. Food Policy, 37(1), 12-20. Komarek, A., S. Waldron, and C. Brown, Livestock expansion as a development pathway: a heterogeneous-agent model for smallholders in Gansu, China, in 55th Annual Australian Agricultural and Resource Economics Society Conference. 2011: Melbourne.

Project Dates

01 Jan 2008 - 01 Jan 2013


Nan Zhibiao and Hou Fujiang
Lanzhou University
The Animal Husbandry Bureaus of Qingyang City
Xifeng District and Huanxian County
UQ collaborating partner
Liu Yuman
Rural Development

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