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Improvement of integrated pest management in brassica vegetable crops in China and Australia

Overview of Project

Overuse and misuse of chemical insecticides in the production of brassica vegetable crops has become a major problem in the Changjiang Valley, China. Insect pests have developed very high levels of resistance to pesticides, leading to increased spraying and higher control costs, and insecticide residues are causing serious damage to health and the environment.

Brassica crops account for more than half the total vegetable production and consumption in the valley, which supports 450 million people. The vegetables are grown commercially in small plots in the suburbs of the cities, with more than three crops often produced in a year.

Brassicas grown in summer and autumn usually receive 10-12 high-dose applications of pyrethroids, organophosphates, carbamates and insect growth regulators during a growing period of 120-150 days. With most of the vegetables consumed within a day or two of harvest, serious poisoning by insecticides has become a more frequent occurrence.

The Chinese Ministry of Agriculture has made implementation of integrated pest management (IPM) in vegetable crops, with reduced pesticide use, a national priority.

The Queensland Department of Primary Industries has extensive experience with brassica pest management. Pests encountered are mostly the same as those found in the Changjiang Valley. Specific expertise is available and field work on these pests can be carried out under commercial conditions in Queensland.

The main objective of the project is to build on studies already conducted in China and Australia to develop sustainable management practices, involving significantly reduced pesticide usage and hazards, for brassica crops."

Project Dates

01 Jul 1995 - 30 Sep 1999


University of Queensland - Australia
Zhejiang Academy of Agricultural Sciences - China
Queensland Department of Primary Industries - Australia
Hunan Agricultural University - China


Professor Myron Zalucki



61 7 33651747

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