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Emergence and integration of regional grain markets in China

Overview of Project

China is the world’s largest grain producer and consumer with total output in the region of 440 million tonnes in recent years. Although this represents only a relatively small proportion of domestic trade (3.15% imports and 1.74% exports, respectively), it forms approximately 13-15% of world trade. Changes related to China’s current move from a system of planned production and supply of grains to market reform therefore have important implications for the world grain market.

Key Outcomes of Project

This project aims to analyse the origins and impacts of the development of an integrated national market for grain in China. The project will evaluate: (1) the impact of regional comparative advantage on the emerging grain market; (2) the patterns of growth in grain demand in urban China; (3) regional demand, supply and trading relationships by grain types; (4) the marketing institutions needed to integrate grain markets; and (5) government participation in regulating regional and national markets.

These five factors plus the development of a database will be divided into six subprojects creating a more comprehensive and reliable picture.

Project Dates

01 Jul 1993 - 30 Jun 1997


University of Adelaide - Australia
Department of Policy - Reform and Law - Department of Policy - Reform and Law - China

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