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Australia-China Centre for Wheat Improvement

Overview of Project

The Australia-China Joint Research Centre for Wheat Improvement (ACCWI) will identify grain quality attributes by characterising and catalogue grain proteins (the key determinants of grain quality).  This will enable Australian grown wheat to better penetrate the China speciality product market and to increase wheat yield through genetic, molecular marker and bioinformatics technologies.

Key Outcomes of Project
  • Improved wheat cultivar selection in Western Australia and China to better match varieties grown for food, especially noodle, processing in China.
  • The development of grain quality forecasting tools that will improve the agronomic management and strategic marketing of high quality grains
  • Establishing the basis for the development of new wheat cultivars with superior grain quality
  • Identifying genetic resources for new wheat cultivars that are adapted to regional specific conditions; and
  • Increased food security through improved supply consistency of high quality wheat products
Project Dates

01 Jan 2013 - 01 Jan 2014


Murdoch University
The Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences
Department of Agriculture and Food and Australia Export
Grain Innovation Centre
Western Australia
FBFD Pty Ltd
Henan Academy of Agricultural Sciences
Shangdong Academy of Agricultural Sciences
Capital Normal University

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