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Analysis of agribusiness and policy developments in China’s sheep meat industry of relevance to the Australian industry

Overview of Project
  • Build knowledge on China’s sheep meat industry, including statistical issues, agribusiness developments and policy developments.
  • Draw conclusions on the nature and drivers of change of change in China’s sheep meat industry.
  • Clarify the challenges and opportunities posed for Australian industry concerns
Key Outcomes of Project

Waldron, S.A., Brown, C.G. and Zhang, C. (2004) Analysis of Agribusiness and Policy Developments in China's Sheep meat Industry of Relevance to the Australian Industry. MLA (Meat and Livestock Australia), Brisbane, July.

Waldron, S.A., Brown, C.G., Longworth, J.L. and Zhang, C.G. (2007), China’s Livestock Revolution: agribusiness and policy developments in China’s sheep meat sector, CAB International, Wallingford.

Project Dates

01 Jan 2003 - 01 Jan 2004


Professor Zhang Cungen
Institute of Agricultural Economics within the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences

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